Will you like to learn a new skill this summer?

Welcome to the Summer School on Data Science with Excel and Python, being organized by Suvidya Prasarak Sangh & Vidyarjan Foundation!

Why should you learn data science?
In the 21st century, the new driving force behind industries is Data. Industries need data to improve their performance, make their business grow and provide better products to their customers. In order to do so, it requires a thorough analysis of data behind sales, understanding of the purchasing patterns of the clients and using their suggestions to improve the product. To perform all these tasks, analysts with the knowledge of data science are needed. The analysts will make use of tools like Excel and Python to sculpt through all this data and chisel out meaningful observations that will help companies to make profound decisions. Hence data science is considered to be the career of the future. Before it is too late, get started in this field by attending this summer school.

When will the summer school start and end?
The first day of summer school is Wednesday 3rd May 2023 and the last day is Wednesday 31st May 2023. The session timings are 10 am to 1 pm from Monday to Friday. In all, there will be 20 sessions of three hours each.

Where the summer school is being organized?
The computer lab sessions and lectures will be held at Suvidyalaya, Paranjape Nagar, Vazira, Borivali West, Mumbai 400092.

What will you learn?
Following topics will be covered in this summer school:

  • Data Science Process & Tools
  • Data Visualization using Excel
  • Basic Data Visualization using Python
  • Advanced Data Visualization using Python
  • Data Analysis using Excel
  • Data Wrangling using Python
  • Exploratory Data Analysis using Python
  • Model Development using Python

Who will teach in the summer school?
Faculty of the summer school consists of following experienced industry professionals:

How much would it cost to attend the summer school?

  • Registration Fee: Rs. 1000/-
  • Tuition Fee: Rs. 9000/-
  • Exam Fee (optional): Rs. 2500/-

Register NOW as seats are limited! Tuition fee will need to be paid by 3rd May. The exam fee is optional and should be paid by 10th May. All learners will receive a Certificate of Participation. Those, who will appear for exam, will receive a Verified Certificate with Grade.

Fees can be paid by GPay to 81046 76063 or by scanning the QR code given below for UPI payment or with an online transfer:
CURRENT Account Number: 99280200001535

QR Code for UPI Payment

Whom should one contact for queries?
Please call or send a WhatsApp message to 8104 365 281.