CBA – Certificate in Business Administration

CBA strives to ensure business acumen for everyone. It is a three-month part-time mini-MBA program. It covers the essential topics taught in a typical MBA program.

Who would benefit?

CBA is beneficial for self-employed professionals, business owners and entrepreneurs for managing their business ventures more professionally. Secondly, it would help corporate employees in career progression, particularly for the promotion to managerial roles. Finally, those who are planning to do MBA in near future would find CBA useful as a preparatory course.

Proficiency in English communication and some exposure to the business world are required to join this course.

Who are offering it?

Vidyarjan Foundation and Suvidya Prasarak Sangh (SPS) are jointly offering CBA. Founded by two IIT-ians, Vidyarjan Foundation is an educational NGO registered as section 8 Company in year 2022. SPS is 50+ years old educational trust that runs four schools and a college in Borivali suburb of Mumbai.

What will it have?

CBA consists of NINE full-day sessions on Sundays. The sessions are held in an air-conditioned classroom at Suvidyalaya, located in Vazira, Borivali West, Mumbai. Additionally, Online resources and activities are available at for self-paced learning. Moreover, CBA includes online interaction with top executives.

What will you learn?

Communication Skills
  • How does communication process work?
  • Why non-verbal communication skills are so important?
  • How to increase effectiveness of team communication?

Digital Skills
  • How data can be visualized using Excel & PowerPoint?
  • What kind of technologies are useful for business?
  • How to use ChatGPT to improve personal productivity?

Business Ecosystem
  • How a suitable organizational form should be selected?
  • What do employees in different functions do?
  • How does business environment affect businesses?

Human Resources Management (HRM)
  • How do companies hire employees?
  • How do companies train and develop their employees?
  • How performance appraisals are done in companies?
  • What are the key skills of a HRM Professional?

Strategic Marketing
  • How to use market research to make marketing strategy?
  • How to position products in target market segments?
  • How to formulate digital marketing strategy?

Marketing Mix
  • How does branding help in marketing of products?
  • How product prices are determined and adapted?
  • Which factors affect the choice of distribution channels?
  • How do advertising and personal selling work?

Financial Statements
  • What are important accounting concepts & conventions?
  • How to read an annual report of a company?
  • What is reported in balance sheet, profit & loss statement, and cash flow statement?

Financial Management
  • Which are the sources of finance for a business firm?
  • How capital budgeting is performed in companies?
  • How working capital is managed in companies?
  • Which are the key elements in Indian financial markets?

Leadership Skills
  • What are leadership styles?
  • How Hill’s Model for Team Leadership can be applied?
  • How to lead a team effectively?

Who will teach?

The CBA faculty consists of Dr Shrikant Mulik, Mr Pradeep Joshi, and Ms Mona Sudarshan.

  • Dr Shrikant Mulik has 20+ years of industry experience. He has done MBA from IIT Bombay and PhD from NMIMS University.
  • Mr Pradeep Joshi has 25+ years of industry experience. He has done B.E. and MMS (Finance).
  • Ms Mona Sudarshan has 14+ years of corporate and academic experience. She has done MA in Psychology and M Phil from IIT Bombay.

How much would you invest?

The fee of entire CBA course is ₹18,000/-. One can choose to attend specific topics instead of all nine topics of this course. In this case, the fee for an individual topic would be ₹2,500/-.

Admissions are open for four batches in a year: Jan-March, April-June, July-Sept, and Oct-Dec.

Fees are payable by GPay to 8104676063. Alternatively, you can make an online transfer to CURRENT account of VIDYARJAN FOUNDATION (A/C No. 99280200001535 & IFSC code BARB0DBDADR).

Why should you join CBA?

CBA offers value for money and time. It offers value for money as one can learn the essential MBA topics in thousands of rupees while a MBA program costs lacs of rupees. Furthermore, it offers value for time as one can learn the essential MBA topics within three months without disrupting the work.