Literature Festival 2022

The whole idea of doing literature festival was to introduce children to different authors around the world and expose them to stories with different activities revolving around it. For this purpose, we selected the story “Around The World In Eighty Days” by Jules Verne. The reason behind selecting this story was children learnt about different […]

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Independence Day Celebration 2022

This year India celebrated 75th year of independence. Hence it was very important to make children understand this important milestone and commemorate with full pomp and honor. They were also told the difference between Republic Day and Independence Day. Children made Indian flags and learnt a song thanking Lord for all the blessings he has

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Rakshabandhan Celebration 2022

Today we had Rakshabandhan Celebration 2022! For celebrating this festival, we told students to speak few sentences explaining the importance of the festival. We also taught them to make simple Rakhi. YouTube videos were shown explaining Rakshabandhan story for better understanding. Since this was their event since the inception of the Project Catalyst, the children

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