Christmas Celebration 2022

The Christmas fever already had gripped the children and they were excited to have the Christmas Party on 20th December. The class was brightly decorated with Santa Claus and other Christmas decorations. Bells, hollies, stockings, snowman, gingerbread man, 3D models of Christmas tress adorned the class which added to the festive spirit. The mood was set with children learning Christmas carols and dancing to the beats of Jingle Bell Rock song. To add to the fervor, singing competition was held so that children could show off their singing talent too with actions!
The story of Christ, gingerbread man, elves was shown so they understand the significance of celebrating this festival. The D day arrived and children were excited to sing, dance and rap on the music which was followed by a delicious treat of burgers. The pre-new year festivities had lots of best wishes and hope for a bright future!

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