Spelling Bee Competition – 16 Feb 2023

We conducted Spelling Bee Competition at SVS Maratha School at Worli in Mumbai.

The spelling bee competition was introduced to children for learning new words and to teach them usage of dictionary. The children were made to practice the words through dictation and then searching the meaning in the dictionary. Post that they had to use a particular word and form a sentence on their own.

The whole exercise was a timed activity and 2 elimination rounds were conducted. Ten finalists were shortlisted for the finals from 5th to 7th std. Three external judges came on 16th February to witness the grand finale. Children were super excited and did their level best. It was a completely new and enriching experience for the children and 3 winners were declared from Marathi and English Medium.

The competition ended on a high note with children looking forward for another competition next year.

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