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Literature Festival 2023

The students celebrated The Literature Festival from 9th October to 14th October 2023. The topic was The Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare. The Literature Festival started with a bang on Monday 9th October. The children excitedly gathered all the information they could on William Shakespeare through charts and cuttings put up in the classroom. …

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Independence Day Celebration 2023

Independence day was celebrated with a lot of excitement and enthusiasm by the children. They started by making the Indian flag and then went on to various performances.  The children were divided into groups and they sang “We are the world”. A group of children from the Marathi medium sang the famous patriotic song “Teri …

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Singing Competition 2023

The annual singing competition was held on 18th July 2023 from 5th to 8th standard of Marathi and English Medium. In the month of June children were taught different ways to introduce themselves and greetings. In continuation to the topic children learnt variety of songs, rehearsed and practiced for the final day. The musical morning …

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Summer Camp 2023

To beat the scorching summer heat, we decided to take the students to different continents and countries and made the journey more interesting with introducing them to the world of Folktales. The purpose of folktales was to showcase the different cultures around the world through a form of story and with a moral. It helped …

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Christmas Celebration 2022

The Christmas fever already had gripped the children and they were excited to have the Christmas Party on 20th December. The class was brightly decorated with Santa Claus and other Christmas decorations. Bells, hollies, stockings, snowman, gingerbread man, 3D models of Christmas tress adorned the class which added to the festive spirit. The mood was …

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Story-telling Competition 2022

Since our program focuses on Spoken English, it is imperative that children speak with confidence and overcome stage fear and hence we decided to have story-telling competition where children were given freedom to chose their own story and write their own dialogues and enact it. The children came up with some superb performances and out …

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Diwali Celebration 2022

The festival celebration became an integral part of our class and children were excited to celebrate Diwali by making paper diyas, lanterns and paper fire crackers as decoration. Amidst all this fun, the learning component was not lost and they did a superb role play and enacted RAMLEELA as a part of the celebration. They …

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Literature Festival 2022

The whole idea of doing literature festival was to introduce children to different authors around the world and expose them to stories with different activities revolving around it. For this purpose, we selected the story “Around The World In Eighty Days” by Jules Verne. The reason behind selecting this story was children learnt about different …

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Ganpati Celebration 2022

We welcomed Lord Ganesh with all the enthusiasm and excitement. Children were excited to watch interesting mythological stories of Ganesh. They did a craft activity with sticking matchsticks in the shape of Ganpati.