Literature Festival 2023

The students celebrated The Literature Festival from 9th October to 14th October 2023. The topic was The Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare.

The Literature Festival started with a bang on Monday 9th October. The children excitedly gathered all the information they could on William Shakespeare through charts and cuttings put up in the classroom.

DAY 01 started with the life of William Shakespeare followed by a questionnaire. 

DAY 02 The story “The Merchant of Venice” was narrated to the children – curiosity and eagerness to know the story built up the excitement and the children thoroughly enjoyed it. A pencil feather was made by each child (as there were no pens / pencils in olden days and they used feathers for writing).

DAY 03 A video of the story “The Merchant of Venice” was shown to the children followed by a crossword puzzle worksheet given to them.

DAY 04 Children did an activity where they had to choose a character from the story and write the characteristic traits of that particular character.This was followed by a bookmark making activity.

DAY 05 Children did a word search relating to Shakespeare words and plays. A memory game relating to Shakespeare plays was also played.

DAY 06 GRAND FINALE Teachers played a game similar to KBC with the children with questions based on Shakespeare’s life and the Merchant of Venice story. Also children of the Marathi medium narrated the story whereas children of the English medium enacted it.

Overall it was a fun-cum-learn Lit fest for the children.

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