Summer Camp 2023

To beat the scorching summer heat, we decided to take the students to different continents and countries and made the journey more interesting with introducing them to the world of Folktales. The purpose of folktales was to showcase the different cultures around the world through a form of story and with a moral. It helped the children to understand the traditions, history and breaking down of some myths. Language plays a very important role in our life and every country has its own official language. The children were taught how to greet in different languages and they were excited as they could learn something new and started saying hello everyday in different way. More flavor was added as food across the world in different countries was shown and asking them which food, they found interesting and what they would like to try!!

As we explored different countries it was imperative to make children in today’s world, the currency of every country, nationality, and something unique about that country. The 7 wonders of the world also added new insights in their existing knowledge. Stories, songs, and lot of craft activities along with word search and crosswords etc associated with the topic made the camp more vibrant and interactive.

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